FAQs About Social Anxiety Disorder

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The private and incapacitating social anxiety character implies that it is a very hard disorder to comprehend except if you yourself have it. Even so, knowing more about this particular mental illness and its presentation can definitely help you identify common ground with people, whether or not you have the disorder or other anxiety disorders.

Social anxiety disorder is one of the longstanding mental health conditions
that provoke illogical and intense anxiety and fear in social circumstances, it is also called social phobia. It can lead sufferers to stay away from certain situations like parties or their workplace because of fear of being criticized or humiliated. In fact, it could discourage people from pursuing their ambitions and dreams in life.

Social anxiety, for most people, is a devastating condition. The fact that there will be an inability to engage with people socially, and there is also a dilemma when it comes to proper communication and conversation. It can also become debilitating for those people who only rely on social interaction for a living since this particular mental health issue can provoke immense fear of criticism, neglect, and judgment.

Socially awkward individuals or those who often deal with social anxiety have low self-esteem. They usually avoid eye contact and often sweat and tremble when surrounded by a group of people. In some unfortunate instances, the severity can cause them to palpitate and have episodes of panic attacks because engaging socially or other environmental factors is entirely unbearable and often happens to be impossible. It’s essential to seek professional help to treat depression and anxiety. Addressing these co-occurring conditions can significantly improve an individual’s ability to manage social situations and overall health and well-being.

Some people with social anxiety can still handle their daily lives accordingly. They limit their peers to a small group and avoid the crowd as much as possible. They try to avoid making longer conversations and frequently stick with a “yes or no” answer. That is because they want to avoid situations that would make them feel embarrassed and foolish. In some instances, they only allow a specific number of people at a time so they would not get overwhelmed with lots of information.

The disorder may be specific or general. Individuals with generalized social anxiety are not comfortable in almost every social situation, from presenting to lining up in a supermarket. Those with more specific social anxieties, on the other hand, might get tense only in specific circumstances, like when sending an email or making a call.

Unlike regular introversion or just shyness, SAD prevents a person from performing his daily routine activities. It prevents him from doing things he loves doing. It’s occasionally associated with reduced performance in school or work because it’s difficult to join in at the best of his capacity when he’s always concerned about others’ criticism.

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, it’s a fact that social phobia negatively affects an individual’s quality of life if it’s left unmanaged. Notwithstanding its extreme character, though, SAD is not as rare as we often think. SAD impacts almost 7% of the population in America, about 15 million adults.

Social anxiety may cause you other health problems such as a negative drinking habit.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Overcome Social Anxiety?

To try to overcome social anxiety on your own, here are some tips:

  • Learn to do progressive muscle relaxation exercises to calm yourself.
  • Practice controlled breathing. Anxiety may cause bodily changes that may lead to discomfort.
  • Don’t focus too much on yourself.
  • Challenge your negative thinking.
  • Start with small steps.

What Is The Best Cure For Social Anxiety?

SSRIs or selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors and a certain SNRI are the two best medication choices for generalized social anxiety disorder. This is back by over 20 randomized controlled studies using these medications.

Can It Go Away?

For some, their social anxiety improves as they grow older. However, for a lot of people, treating the disorder doesn’t disappear by itself without a treatment plan. It is vital to seek help if you are experiencing social anxiety disorder symptoms or physical symptoms, as there are treatments that can definitely help you deal with mental disorders. 

What Is The Root Cause?

Individuals with a hyperactive amygdala may have an increased fear response, which causes a rise in anxiety symptoms during social situations. Social anxiety can also be a learned behavior, or some develop social anxiety disorder following a frustrating or embarrassing social event. 

What Does It Feel Like?

When there is a need to perform in front of a large audience, individuals with social anxiety disorder usually blush, tremble, sweat all over their bodies, and their heart races. They also tend to feel sick to their stomach and feel dizzy with intense fear. Their posture becomes rigid; they speak with an overly low voice and don’t make eye contact. 

Does It Make You Cry? 

Some known behavioral and personality features seen in kids with social anxiety include tantrums, severe shyness, crying, clinging to people close to them, fear or utter silence in new environments or with new people, and refusal to speak in front of others. 

Can You Self-Diagnose?

You will most probably have an idea if you have social anxiety if you feel very tense and nervous in front of others, or when you are about to give a speech. You worry about your speech weeks or even months before the event, and you don’t get enough sleep because you are anxious. You experience severe anxiety disorder symptoms during an event that you think is scary, and you often present with shortness of breath, trembling, or a fast heartbeat.

What Are The 3 Symptoms?

According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), three key symptoms of social anxiety are intense fear, negative thoughts, and being self-conscious in front of other people. There are also physical symptoms like a fast heart rate, feeling of being dizzy or lightheaded with sweating, or hot flashes. It is best to reach out to a mental health professional as soon as you notice these symptoms to treat social anxiety disorder as soon as possible using therapy like behavioral therapy or cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), exposure therapy, or whichever suits best for you.

How Can I  Reduce My Social Disorder?

What Triggers Social Disorder?

Sadly, most people who are developing social anxiety disorder start young. Those children who experience negative treatment like bullying, teasing, ridiculing, rejection, or humiliation will grow up to be adults with poor social skills and a very high chance of significant anxiety because of these environmental factors. Other social situations that could trigger social anxiety are those that involve meeting new people, engaging in small talk with eye contact, public speaking, being the center of attention with other family members, and those scenarios that involve the same exposure to other people.

How Do You Know If You Have Disorder?

Am I Shy Or Socially Anxious?

Even though the symptoms of extreme shyness and social anxiety are similar to each other, the main difference would be the intensity of fear and anxiety. If you are experiencing shyness, it shouldn’t feel as intense and debilitating. Social anxiety disorder treated lightly on the other hand could be more dangerous and could lead to other psychiatric disorders or mental health disorders.

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Additional Information

People suffering from social anxiety could also develop detrimental ways of managing their discomfort. A lot of them use alcohol or drugs to stay calm around other people. In fact, about 20% of individuals who have social anxiety also develop alcohol dependence or substance abuse. While drug use or drinking can instantly improve significant anxiety symptoms, they could worsen over time.

Like every mental health disorder, anxiety presents differently in various types of people. Some have very extreme symptoms, while others might only observe their anxiety worsen from time to time. It is not possible at all to make far-reaching generalizations about those with social anxiety. But it is fair to conclude that living with social anxiety often leaves you exhausted and so alone.

A person who lives with social anxiety feels like he is never free from terror and criticism. It feels like he is often at the center of the stage, destined to frustrate and dissatisfy. For those going through all this, no social interaction ever goes effortlessly enough to offer a break from constant worry and self-criticism.

For instance, this is a picture of someone with social anxiety disorder. Looking at his phone and trying his best to dial a certain number. Being concerned about inconveniencing a sales lady by grabbing too many products. Driving to an event and then turning around. Informing a colleague that he’s sick to evade a presentation. Fixating over a moment when he said something and wonders if his partner is only with him because she pities him. And that’s only the beginning.

Not everybody comprehends how much social anxiety disorder really impacts people, but support and treatment are progressively accessible. The most efficient treatment is cognitive-behavioral therapy or CBT. CBT assists individuals in changing their negative thought patterns and learn new behavioral patterns in a secure environment. Doing this with a qualified mental health professional and experienced therapist can help socially anxious individuals start their journey to overcome their anxieties.

If you have a social anxiety disorder or other anxiety disorders, seek the assistance of a doctor or mental health professional. While it might never entirely disappear, by treating the anxiety disorder, you can considerably reduce your symptoms and stop it from keeping you detached from the real world.

And though you may not have experienced social phobia, knowing more about it tremendously helps you understand people with social anxiety. Next time you talk to a socially anxious friend, don’t forget how they could be feeling.

Final Thoughts

It is essential to understand that social phobia or social anxiety is not something people only create to avoid social situations. It is a condition that some people suffer from. Since it relates to social interaction, some individuals don’t know more about it, though it is something that people can easily get rid of. Unfortunately, for those struggling with mental health issues, it is not a thing they can shrug off or cure just by spending a lot of time with people. The anxiety symptoms will not go away just by forcing themselves to get surrounded or join the crowd. It requires more intensive emotional and mental assistance to manage better.



Things You Must Know Before Deciding To Travel To Egypt

I honestly have a lot of friends who often told me to visit Egypt one day. But unfortunately, all of them never do. For some reason, they find it discouraging after a couple of discussions of dos and don’ts. I get that the common reason why they always end up not pushing through their planned visits is that they think that ancient Egypt is a strict country. Well, that is quite true. There are specific rules and regulations that Egyptians have that can pretty much cause a cultural shock. With that, I will help you understand the things you should know before traveling to Egypt to avoid a lot of emotional and mental strain when visiting the country.

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Be Aware Of Where You Should And Want To Stay In Egypt

Like any other country, Egypt has parts of it that can be quite overwhelming. While some of its archaeological sites and major tourist sites are endearing and suitable for private tour, some areas are far less likely foreign-friendly. Thus, when visiting other countries, you should be aware of the exact locations you want to visit and research the place you want to spend the rest of your vacation. That way, you would not end up regretting everything about the whole travel experience. Be mindful that depending on where you choose to stay in your travel, there are different accommodations, aesthetics, and people.

You Should Consider Your Budget And Lower Your Expectations

Part of your Egypt itinerary is staying a night in a very nice place is pretty much expensive. When I say costly, the cost of stuff starts at an above-average rate already. The whole renting an apartment thing is just another part of the story because usually, the nicest apartments you can get when you visit Egypt are settled in a well-off location.  For instance, you are confident that you can afford the rent for a house or most known as a villa; you need to secure a large sum of money. Whether you want to stay in Cairo, or Luxor and Aswan, you need to secure your Egypt travel. Thus, you need to be aware of your finances. Because if you don’t, you might get caught up with a lot of anxiety and stress all along your travel journey.

Traveling tips you must know to avoid you to get might get caught up with a lot of mental health issues such as anxiety and stress all along the journey. Learn more about the dos and don'ts of visiting another country for vacation.
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The Language Barrier Is Way Too Complicated

One of the travel tips you should remember is visiting a foreign country can be adventurous and exciting. You get to see different historical places and learn from the country’s cultural background. However, this enjoyable stuff in your head can be entirely bad when you don’t consider the language barrier. At times, you might see people talking in their language while looking at you. You might think that they are trying to talk something bad about you. Please, do not jump to that conclusion about what you think the people are saying. If you don’t understand it, ask them. Never assume because you will only spend a lot of time upsetting yourself. And when you feel upset, you wouldn’t be able to enjoy the rest of the beautiful stuff that require your focus.

Discipline Is Not Your Strongest Quality

A lot of people are afraid to visit Egypt because of the strict rules they often have. Often, people get overwhelmed about everything they see in the country that they never find time to examine the right and wrong way of dealing with something. Yes, you are a traveler, and you know nothing about the place, its culture, and its people. Unfortunately, it cannot be an excuse for intentional or unintentional misbehaviors. The fact that you try and visit the country is your responsibility to know the dos and don’ts they have. You need to spend time and effort to understand everything about the country to commit mistakes or offend people.

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Prepare Yourself For Cultural Differences

It can be quite challenging to visit an unfamiliar place that is way too different from what you are used to spending time every day. You may not understand stuff from the egyptian citizens way of talking, gestures, mannerisms, and so on. That is because these norms are not something you can change instantly. Yes, you can argue that you don’t have to change to fit in with their cultural demands. But the fact that you are foreign to the Egyptian land, you need to abide by their rules and traditions whether you like it or not. Thus, if you can consider one of the best travel tips, it would be better if you learned to be patient. Remember that you are a visitor to their country. Thus, they do not have to adjust to you. You’ll just have to go through your Egypt travel tips.

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Final Thoughts And Takeaway

According to most Egypt travel tips experts, traveling is one of the best remedies for mental health problems such as stress, anxiety, and depression. However, if you got too cocky and did not consider about your whole expedition, it can cause physical, mental, and emotional issues a lot worse. Instead of helping you get over whatever it is that you are psychologically and emotionally carrying, it can, unfortunately, intensify all the negative emotions. Thus, be mindful of the things you should do before traveling to Egypt. One of the important tips that experts can recommend is to focus on planning a trip and securing your visa on arrival so you won’t have problems and can have the best time of your life.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Where to avoid in Egypt?

Things To Remember When Traveling With Family In Egypt

When you think of Egypt, the first thing that comes to mind is the miles of sand and rocks. But Egypt is a place that represents culture and innovation. It is the home to much more than just the most well-known pyramids. But despite its beauty, the place also has a lot of lingering dangers in the nation’s corners. So if you want to avoid getting into trouble while traveling with family, here are some few things to remember.

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Strictly No PDA – Egypt is a very conservative country, which means their nation entirely insists on a strict policy of no unnecessary PDA. Thus, kissing is not allowed, even if it is just a peck on the cheek. The act that seems pretty normal for other people outside the country is considered disrespectful and rude. Hugging is not exempted as well as it represents the contact between two physical bodies out in public. So before you get excited about hugging and kissing, even for the sake of a photo opt, be mindful of your actions.

Never Wear Sleeveless Shirts – Again, Egypt is a country that is known for its conservative traits. That explains why people who live there stick to more amenable clothing. That goes to both men and women. It would also save you and your family a lot of problems if you also avoid wearing figure-hugging clothes since it is considered too eye-catching. Short shorts are also not allowed. Using the weather as an excuse is not acceptable either. Though some cities would allow wearing normal tees that show some skin, it would be much better to respectfully obey the country’s dress code.

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Not Enlisting A Tour Guide – Considering a tour guide in your family’s trip to Egypt is a good idea and a great help. That is even if you have a little bit of world travel experience, it is much helpful if you can have someone with you that is familiar with the country’s destinations. If you are thinking about the cost, well, it does not cost as much as you think. Just think about the less hassle you can avoid when you have someone to rely on, considering you are staying at an unfamiliar place.

Never Hire People On The Street – Now, this may sound contradictory to the previous reminder, but you should never hire someone you see on the street. In the most popular tourist spots in the country, there are tons of strangers that will approach you. They will offer an exclusive tour of some of the specific tourist destinations in Egypt. Though these people may know a lot about their country, it is best to go through hiring someone from registered sources. That way, you can avoid the disappointment of becoming a possible victim of scams and overpriced services.

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Don’t Forget The Tip – In Egypt, they value gratuity a lot. That explains why it pretty much becomes a common trait to leave a tip in almost all their commercial outlets, restaurants, and clothing shops. A little bit of something means more to the people. It somehow makes the workers feel respected and appreciated regardless of the type of job they have. So next time you visit the country, never forget to give a little of something.

Avoid Petting Stray Animals – When you are in a high populated area in Egypt, you will more likely run across some stray animals. As much as they would look like they require stranger’s tender loving care, never snuggle with them. These animals might carry some infectious diseases. Also, they can be very violent, so it would be best to keep away from them.

Never Drink On The Street – Understandably, you have all the right to let loose because you and your family are on vacation. However, if you consider taking some enjoyment outside the streets, always be mindful not to drink alcoholic beverages on the street. Think about it. Not only it is an unacceptable act from a social standpoint, but it might also cause you a lot of trouble with the Egyptian laws. That is because there are some areas in the country that considers the act as a crime.

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Never Worry Too Much About Your Schedule – It is reasonable for tourists like you to stay punctual on your schedule because time is essential, especially when you are in limited travel time. However, if you and your family are making plans to meet up with a local Egyptian, you might want to consider your punctual standards. Most of the time, they are late. If in case their time management is not that big of a deal, consider letting it go.

Egypt is an excellent country, and it has all the right to become part of your travel destinations. So next time you visit the coutnry, consider these reminders.

Rebooting The State Of Local Tourism In Egypt Amid The Coronavirus Pandemic

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Each country’s tourism sectors play a big part in national economies. The coronavirus outbreak has undoubtedly brought an immense shock to the global economy, particularly the tourism sector.

Governments worldwide have imposed restrictions on traveling, business operations, and face-to-face interactions to contain the virus. Consequently, the impact of the virus has caused millions of lost jobs in the tourism sector.

UNWTO estimates that the international tourist arrivals for this year could decline between 20-30%. As we enter a new phase with the virus spread prevention, the outlook remains uncertain for many countries. The lifting of travel bans and restrictions are happening slowly and gradually for some countries that have flattened the curve.  

In Egypt, authorities are gradually reopening the tourism sector. The country has seen a few cases of coronavirus when compared with countries with a similar population size. Even with the reboot of a few tourism supply chains, these businesses would be operating with restrictions based on new health protocols.

Initial Resumption Of Domestic Tourism

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In March 2020, the Egyptian government suspended all civil flights into and out of Egypt. After implementing this regulation, a “near-complete shutdown” on any tourism-related ventures followed. Despite the growth in COVID-19 cases, the government and private sectors have been finding ways to accommodate tourists. It is because tourism plays a significant role in the economy of Egypt.

In the middle of May, local tourism has resumed in some regions. Authorities allowed businesses, such as hotels, to operate under strict conditions. It includes a valid certification of running, and they should only accommodate below 25% of the occupancy rate. By June, this number increased to 50%.

Hossam Al Shaer, chairman of the Egyptian Travel Agents Association, said that the local tourism resumption is a success with the implemented regulations. 

In estimation, as of July, Egypt will be opening 232 establishments in approved regions. They will also accommodate both foreign and local tourists. Hotels, resorts, and famous archaeological sites will slowly reopen with strict health monitoring.

Getting The Safety Travel Stamp

The World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) recently granted Egypt a “safe travel stamp.” This grant was according to the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities. WTTC issues this stamp to locations and establishments that reached its health and hygiene standards.

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In particular, the province of the Red Sea, South Sinai, and Matrouh will reopen to international tourists. These three provinces have a warm and dry atmosphere and coastal open-air surroundings. They also report the fewest cases of COVID-19 cases in Egypt. Soon, popular tourist destinations, such as Cairo, Luxor, and Aswan, will reopen.

The resumption of inbound tourism will begin by July 1. Authorities will be strictly inspecting each establishment to ensure that they’re following the COVID-19 health protocols.

Tourist Incentives

Along with the reopening of the country to tourists, they are implementing ways to boost tourists’ interest. For instance, they’re waiving tourist visa requirements for resorts and offering discounts for inbound and outbound flights. They will also discount airlines’ aviation fuel by 10 cents per gallon and 50% landing and boarding fee discount.

Furthermore, there will also be a 20% discount for tickets on historical sites and museums. They’re also launching a new advertising campaign to boost the tourism sector.

Along with these, the government wants to ensure that the reopening of the tourism sector will further spread the virus. Hence, tourists coming from other countries will need to provide a negative PCR test result before traveling.

Travel Restrictions

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There is no doubt that traveling has a massive impact on the economy and the people as well. According to psychiatrist Jean Kim, M.D., “Travel disrupts your routine and introduces novelty to your brain, which improves cognition and helps reactivate reward circuits.”

She further adds, “You have to think about how to get through new neighborhoods, new transportation patterns, new customs, and rules.”

While the lockdown and quarantine measures bring challenges to traveling, we must follow safety protocols. Along with the gradual lifting of travel restrictions, our focus should be on stopping the spread of the virus.

If you decide to visit Egypt during this pandemic, make sure that you will be following all safety measures. While you may be helping the economy by traveling to the country, going against these measures means risking yourself and others.

Egyptian Beauty Secrets

For the 2019 beauty event, there has been an emphasis on Egyptian beauty. Both men and women back in ancient times used to indulge in a variety of beauty rituals. With that, we will discuss some of the ancient beauty secrets that perhaps are no longer a secret anymore.

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Coconut Oil – Egyptians love to use coconut oil because it helps in rejuvenation. But most commonly, they use it to massage the scalp to promote hair growth. Egyptians love black hair, so they use it to condition the hair, making it grow long, black, and shiny. It also helps in the treatment of lies. Coconut oil also prevents the hair from getting tangled and dirty as well.

Kohl – It is an ancient cosmetic that most Egyptians use as eyeliner. Egyptians believe that it helps make the eyes appear more significant than its actual size and helps in growing longer and thicker eyelashes. It makes the whole facial appearance stand out due to a specific eye outline. Kohl also protects the eyes from several virus infections, and it is also believed to improve eyesight.

Henna – The Egyptians use henna as a nail polish and hair dye. It is said that henna has impressive benefits for hair as it smoothens and strengthens it. It also removes dandruff and promotes healthy hair growth too. Henna also provides a cooling effect on the scalp. Egyptians love to use henna because it contains fewer toxins and chemicals.

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Aloe Vera – It is a tropical plant of the desert that most Egyptians love to use as a beauty enhancer. They use the gel from the plant as a treatment for skin burns. It is the Egyptians body moisturizers. Aside from that, Aloe Vera gel also contains natural hair straining agent that allows the hair to look smooth and shiny.


Why Traveling With Your Partner Is Essential

The discussion in the 2017 tourism convention changed my married life. Being part of that event enabled me to understand my priorities even better. That includes having enough reason why I should spend more time with my husband. The tourism convention became a blessing to my once falling relationship. The emphasis on traveling with your partner is something that every couple should consider.

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Why Should You Travel Together?

You and your partner should travel together to get away from the stress of your comfort zones. Both of you need to experience new things to grow. Traveling will make you understand that though familiar things and faces are okay, being lost in the world can become an even better experience. Strange surroundings can channel lots of positive energy that both of you can use to strengthen each other’s companion.

Traveling together with your partner can build long-term trust. Since every situation is different, both of you will learn to appreciate each other’s capabilities to survive. When it’s just the two of you, you will realize that arguing will never solve anything. You will become more engaged with each other, and that is where you’ll become more of a team.

No one says that traveling with your partner always runs in a smooth flow. Of course, there are complications and disagreements along the way. But the great thing about it is both of you will learn to compromise. Traveling will allow both of you to make decisions together. You will learn to help each other as well.

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Given that traveling is a fun experience, both you and your partner will make amazing memories in it. It will become an asset to look back when shades of grey hit. Your traveled moments will remind both of you of the struggle you made through together.

Ancient Egyptian Ways

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Ancient Egypt never fails to amaze us when it comes to their history. There are tons of great things that they pretty much contributed to the world. From the forgotten female Pharaoh, the lost city of Heracleion, to the unseen finished product of the limestone-polished pyramid, there are still more of its secrets that need unraveling. Also, some of the Egyptians ways of living are already incorporated in our lives as of this moment. There’s the origin of hair removal, the fundamentals of makeup, as well as proper hygiene regimes. Now let us take a close look at some of the things that perhaps all of us might feel curious about knowing.


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Masturbation, or onanism, is the stimulation, often manual, of the genitals for sexual gratification. Masturbation is depicted in prehistoric cave paintings and has been observed in many animal species. — Neel Burton M.D.

Masturbation Rituals

There is this ancient Egyptian mythology that tells the god Atum creates the vast of nothingness from masturbation. That the other gods spontaneously grew out of his ejaculation and spit. It is a funny thing that even the outgoing tide and flow of the river Nile seem also attributed to this god’s semen. Though it looks very much unlikely, the concept inspired the annual Pharaoh’s ceremony. As the human representative of gods on Earth, the Pharaoh needs to recreate the myth of the creation of nothingness. By that, the Pharaoh would masturbate in front of the crowd and ejaculate into the river Nile. Regardless of the age of the audience, no single concern appeared given. People do not condemn nor look at it as something inappropriate because they believed that the process of the ceremony ensures an outstanding and bountiful harvest throughout the year. Of course, that is due to the help of their god, Atum.


A lot of deities married their siblings in ancient Egyptian mythology. With that, it allows Egyptian people to acknowledge that incest is a deliberate act. However, although there is little evidence that proves that ordinary Egyptians are marrying their siblings, it was desirable for generations, especially for the royal family. Many of its members believe that incest became a way of creating a better successor, including Tutankhamun. However, due to incompatible DNAs from his father Pharaoh Akhenaten and his sister, he suffered from a wide range of infections, malformation, as well as genetic diseases. There is also a case of him having weak bones which makes him unable to walk by himself.

Some taxpayers were advised to send their daughters along—“prepare your daughter for the king, your lord, and prepare the contributions.” And Akhenaten wanted another 40 women from the prince of Gezer, at a cost of 40 shekels of silver per woman. — Laura Betzig Ph.D.

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The Egyptians have this elaborate preservation of dead bodies through mummification. That is because they believe the process will help the mummified body to reach an afterlife. The whole idea of the process was from Osiris. He was the first ancient Egyptian god who died and got reborn into the afterlife. So being wrapped up and getting preserved during mummification is merely an imitation of the process that Osiris went through in Egyptian mythology. Which is, in a way, the aim is to live on into the afterlife. But all through its consistent practice, it became evident that mummification is merely a way to buy more time for preparation of the tomb.

Views about death and dead people’s bodies and souls vary from culture to culture and century to century, from embalming and mummification techniques to funeral pyres and cremation. —

There are still a lot of ancient Egyptian things out there. Would you be interested in knowing them all?

The Secrets Of Ancient Egypt (Part II)

With all the mysteries of ancient Egypt, people can’t get enough of the information. That is why it gets even more interesting to study and learn their ways. And if things get a little too uncomfortable or weirder to some extent, it doesn’t matter. The whole point of knowing bizarre stuff is what makes ancient Egyptian history amazing.

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Henry David Thoreau wasn’t impressed by the Pyramids. In his classic book, Walden, he wrote, “As for the Pyramids, there is nothing to wonder at in them so much as the fact that so many men could be found degraded enough to spend their lives constructing a tomb for some ambitious booby, whom it would have been wiser and manlier to have drowned in the Nile, and then given his body to the dogs.” — Christopher Ryan Ph.D.

White Pyramids

After the Great Pyramid of Giza was completed way back more than 2000 BCE, the finished aesthetics are different from the current ones we see today. In those years, after its construction, it gets plated with a smooth surface of polished limestone. It beautifully gleamed on the sun, giving it a brighter white look if viewed in different angles meters away from the pyramid. But after the massive earthquake that hit the tomb in the 1301 CE, it lost many of its casting stones. So as impressive as it may look today, the things we see in the outer layer of the Great Pyramid of Giza is merely its core structure and not the finished project. So we can all agree that there is no way we can witness the real gleaming look of one of the magnificent establishments ever built in history.

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There are 3000-year-old granite obelisks all over the temples of Egypt. Covered in gold or electrum, their tips catch the sun’s rays at dawn. — Laura Betzig Ph.D.

Sunken City

One of the greatest cities of Egypt, Thonis-Heracleion, remained lost for over a thousand years. But not until it was re-discover in the water only 23 years ago.  The town was the major trade center that links other countries into the market such as ancient Egypt, Greece, and broader Mediterranean. But after some severe flooding way back the end of the 20th century, the ground of the city succumbed to liquefaction of soil. It made the soil-clay turned into a liquid form that made the city collapsed. Some archeologist that works on excavating project on the lost city found an area of preserved pillars of hieroglyphics, which are in good condition by the way. There are also statues of Greek rulers and gods that depict the fashion of Egyptian pharaohs as well. 


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In the fiercely egalitarian bands of our ancestors there was no place for vast power differences between individuals because such power differences threatened the survival of the entire group. Only much later on in history, in the last few millennia, as communities grew with the advent of agriculture, that such differences in wealth and power arose. — Mark Van Vugt Ph.D.

The Female Pharaoh

It was almost a thousand years that no one remembered “The Female Pharaoh.” Hatshepsut is one of the successful pharaoh’s that rule the kingdom of Egypt that nearly no one recognizes. But that is not until her story gets uncovered in one of the temple walls that were discovered in the 19th century. It was around 1478 BCE when Hatshepsut came to the throne. During her reign in the ancient Egyptian era, there was great peace and prosperity in the whole kingdom. She even over soars incredible beneficial trade routes and built tons of construction projects. But later after her death, there has been a campaign of eradicating anything of her contributions to history. That is where statues of her were never found, and her name appears scraped off of all the walls of constructed buildings under her ruling.

Ancient Egypt surely promises a lot of great things in the knowledge of history. And like you, I am amazingly enthusiastic about it too.

The Secrets Of Ancient Egypt

You probably assume you already know a lot about Egypt because you have access to information on the web. Well, the truth is, some of this information might be true. But let us not disregard the fact that some are not. Egypt is one of the mysterious places on Earth that still exists until today. That is why a lot of people are still trying to figure out its ancient ways and all the stuff that revolves around it. We may see progress in determining the whatnots, but the uncertainty is still on a high level. In line with that, let’s unravel those mysteries and look at those ancient Egyptian secrets.

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Herodotus, who was known as the father of history, wrote about how the pyramids went up in Egypt. He guessed that the work had gone on in 3 month shifts, with 100,000 men in a shift, over a period of 20 years. — Laura Betzig Ph.D.

Who Built The Pyramids

In some popular myths, it was believed that Israeli slaves built the pyramid. However, Egyptologist determined that instead of slaves, Egyptian laborers are the ones responsible for establishing the known Great Pyramid of Giza. There is evidence that proved that thousands of recruits are from Egyptian laborers with unfortunate families. They received offers of gold in exchange for their physical help in building the enormous pyramid. The construction runs over 20 years, which makes it almost half a lifetime of hard work. Yes, the work is incredibly dangerous, exhausting, and frustrating. However, during those construction times, the laborers received high honors. That is contrary to the beliefs that workers are put to death and gets thrown away whenever they no longer fit to work.

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Millions of people escaped death in the Middle Ages because beer fermentation involves boiling water and killing bacteria – as in Egypt, people of all ages consumed beer regularly, reaching 600 liters per person annually. — Stanton Peele Ph.D.

The Era Of Medicine

In line with medical expertise, the Egyptians appear to be one of the best when it comes to that. That is why some rulers of other empires back in the ancient times will ask for Egyptian physicians to help treat their ill loved ones. Because aside from the expertise in using medicinal plants in treating illnesses, Egyptian experts also include magic spells as well. They believe it is essential in protecting the ill-person from demons and other evil spirits. Some say that the rituals and bloodletting procedure accompanied to that is appropriate for long-lasting health treatment. That even if there are some cases of medical brutality that appears to occur in that era, it doesn’t matter as long as the physician is from Egypt.

Strange Ritual

Heb-Sed is a peculiar ritual that took over after the 30 years of Pharaoh ruling. It is a ritual that mainly shows the public that they still have the strength and power necessary to rule the kingdom of Egypt. The initiation of the ceremony takes place every three years right until the pharaoh’s death. In the early practices of the tradition, the ruling candidate gets dressed in a short kilt with bull’s tail on his back. The ruler must run on a race track as fast as possible as he could. If he happens not to finish the race or is unfit to complete the course, he becomes a sacrifice and will be replaced by a more fitted successor. The passing of the position on that era becomes a struggle for some. That is because even if these successors believe they are the right ones who must sit on the thrown when they are not physically fit and capable, they become useless.

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There are a lot of things to know about ancient Egypt. Are you excited to know more? Then let’s continue in the next article.

Weird Things Ancient Egyptians Practice

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We often wonder how sometimes ancient tradition influences us. Sometimes, even if we do not know and understand the basis of a particular practice, we still follow it anyways. We often feel we have this responsibility to do what our ancestors are doing because that is part of their lives back then. And frequently, we do not question it because we respect it that much. In the same manner, that is how Egyptians value their traditions. Sometimes, even if it does not feel right or does not make any sense at all, the Egyptians practice weird stuff without hesitations. Let’s figure out what are those things, shall we?

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In Egypt, there were always two professional women mourners present at a burial who were representatives of the goddesses Isis and Nephtys. To be a mourner, the women could not have born children. Their body hair was shaved and the names of Isis and Nephtys inscribed on their shoulders. — Marilyn A. Mendoza Ph.D.

Extreme Hair Removal

Egyptians care about their tradition that much that is why hair removal goes deeper than anyone can imagine. For kids on either gender, patches of hair get left so that one day it will be removed. The procedure requires taking every visible hair out of the body. That explains why most men are bald. For women, they can keep the hair in their head, but not on their entire body. The purpose of it is to welcome these children into their entry on adulthood. It was nothing unusual for the ancient Egyptians and considered it as a regular practice.

Cleaning Their Bathroom Waste Using Bare Hands

For some sensitive people, they would not like this information. But the Egyptians are different. Since they care about cleanliness that much, they do not mind if using bare hands in cleaning their bathroom waste right after they work on their excretion. Yes, after they try and remove those nasty things in their stomach, their hands suffer a lot. However, for those wealthy Egyptians, they hire someone to do the job for them. So yes, imagine that.

Egyptian business letters of the time sometimes closed with a wish that the recipient would keep their good hearing. — John D Mayer Ph.D.

Having More Than A Thousand Ruler Option

When it comes to rulers or any other technical religious beliefs and following, the Egyptians do not have a shortage of god options. There are over a thousand of known higher power that a lot of these people praise and believe in. These gods are said to have dominion over everything specific life attributes such as healing, serving, and breathing. The most popular of them all is Amun Ra. He is the king god that protects people from inevitable evil and bad spirits.

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Makeup For Everyone

For most Egyptians, putting up makeup is not just a necessity. Back in ancient times, those liners represent status and greatness. Thus, men and women get to experience putting stuff in their faces for that particular reason. These people use different brush, flowers, and plants to create a masterpiece that presents themselves in public throughout the day. It is a rational religious belief that makeup is essential in protecting them from evil spirits.

Cross-cultural research has demonstrated worldwide variations in what is physically appealing. Such relativity roots beauty in socialization, not evolution. — Theresa E DiDonato Ph.D.

There are a lot of things that Egyptians consider concerning their tradition, and some of them may be extreme for some reasons. But for these people, following their beliefs is far more than just a simple way of living because they consider it as a respect to their culture and ancient life.