Know More About Ancient Egypt’s Trade Relations 

Every major empire has one thing in common: trade. Yes, trade relations are of vital importance for the growth and development of Ancient Egypt. This ancient empire had established trade relations from countless countries, from their next-door neighbors to far-away Eastern lands. Here are just some of Ancient Egypt’s former trade partners.   



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3 Unique Ways Egyptians Handle Stress 

Egypt is more than just the tombs and mummies. It is a nation located where Africa and Asia meet. Moreover, it is a country surrounded by deserts, pyramids, and rivers. With its rich culture and history masked with mystery, it is a fascinating place to visit.


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Egyptian Hieroglyphs: An Iconic Writing System 

Of all the ancient scripts in the world, perhaps one of the most well-known is Egyptian hieroglyphs. Whenever people see the distinctive symbols, many of them remember the old adventure movies they grew up with, the ones where the hero explores long-lost tombs of ancient pharaohs, seeking danger and thrill.  



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5 Most Famous Traditional Egyptian Dishes 

Food is a critical aspect of every country’s culture, and in Egypt, all of their traditional dishes are a must-try. Aside from the pyramids, travelers make sure to visit this country to taste the rich Egyptian cuisine. Their recipes are a little bit similar to the Mediterranean cuisine – but with a little bit of a twist.  


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5 Unique Egyptian Traditions

The population of Egypt, the earliest civilization, was maintained by beer which was consumed by every person – man, woman, and child – at every meal. — Stanton Peele Ph.D.

Egypt is a magnificent country. It has impressed tourists and the rest of the world with its unique and breathtaking attractions. This country also has a rich culture dating from three eras – the Pharaonic era, the Christianity era, and the Islam era. Egypt has exciting and unique traditions as well, dating back to thousands of years ago but are still practiced up to today. Let us explore and understand some of these traditions.  



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Egypt: The World’s True Gold Mine 

The staggering amount of gold in this land would amaze any historian and investor.  It has long been a land rich in gold, with ancient miners doing the traditional methods in exploiting economically feasible sources. The Egyptian culture probably loves and values this precious mineral more than others.  




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