Things To Remember When Traveling With Family In Egypt

When you think of Egypt, the first thing that comes to mind is the miles of sand and rocks. But Egypt is a place that represents culture and innovation. It is the home to much more than just the most well-known pyramids. But despite its beauty, the place also has a lot of lingering dangers in the nation’s corners. So if you want to avoid getting into trouble while traveling with family, here are some few things to remember.


Strictly No PDA – Egypt is a very conservative country, which means their nation entirely insists on a strict policy of no unnecessary PDA. Thus, kissing is not allowed, even if it is just a peck on the cheek. The act that seems pretty normal for other people outside the country is considered disrespectful and rude. Hugging is not exempted as well as it represents the contact between two physical bodies out in public. So before you get excited about hugging and kissing, even for the sake of a photo opt, be mindful of your actions.

Never Wear Sleeveless Shirts – Again, Egypt is a country that is known for its conservative traits. That explains why people who live there stick to more amenable clothing. That goes to both men and women. It would also save you and your family a lot of problems if you also avoid wearing figure-hugging clothes since it is considered too eye-catching. Short shorts are also not allowed. Using the weather as an excuse is not acceptable either. Though some cities would allow wearing normal tees that show some skin, it would be much better to respectfully obey the country’s dress code.


Not Enlisting A Tour Guide – Considering a tour guide in your family’s trip to Egypt is a good idea and a great help. That is even if you have a little bit of world travel experience, it is much helpful if you can have someone with you that is familiar with the country’s destinations. If you are thinking about the cost, well, it does not cost as much as you think. Just think about the less hassle you can avoid when you have someone to rely on, considering you are staying at an unfamiliar place.

Never Hire People On The Street – Now, this may sound contradictory to the previous reminder, but you should never hire someone you see on the street. In the most popular tourist spots in the country, there are tons of strangers that will approach you. They will offer an exclusive tour of some of the specific tourist destinations in Egypt. Though these people may know a lot about their country, it is best to go through hiring someone from registered sources. That way, you can avoid the disappointment of becoming a possible victim of scams and overpriced services.


Don’t Forget The Tip – In Egypt, they value gratuity a lot. That explains why it pretty much becomes a common trait to leave a tip in almost all their commercial outlets, restaurants, and clothing shops. A little bit of something means more to the people. It somehow makes the workers feel respected and appreciated regardless of the type of job they have. So next time you visit the country, never forget to give a little of something.

Avoid Petting Stray Animals – When you are in a high populated area in Egypt, you will more likely run across some stray animals. As much as they would look like they require stranger’s tender loving care, never snuggle with them. These animals might carry some infectious diseases. Also, they can be very violent, so it would be best to keep away from them.

Never Drink On The Street – Understandably, you have all the right to let loose because you and your family are on vacation. However, if you consider taking some enjoyment outside the streets, always be mindful not to drink alcoholic beverages on the street. Think about it. Not only it is an unacceptable act from a social standpoint, but it might also cause you a lot of trouble with the Egyptian laws. That is because there are some areas in the country that considers the act as a crime.


Never Worry Too Much About Your Schedule – It is reasonable for tourists like you to stay punctual on your schedule because time is essential, especially when you are in limited travel time. However, if you and your family are making plans to meet up with a local Egyptian, you might want to consider your punctual standards. Most of the time, they are late. If in case their time management is not that big of a deal, consider letting it go.

Egypt is an excellent country, and it has all the right to become part of your travel destinations. So next time you visit the coutnry, consider these reminders.

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