Egyptian Beauty Secrets

For the 2019 beauty event, there has been an emphasis on Egyptian beauty. Both men and women back in ancient times used to indulge in a variety of beauty rituals. With that, we will discuss some of the ancient beauty secrets that perhaps are no longer a secret anymore.


Coconut Oil – Egyptians love to use coconut oil because it helps in rejuvenation. But most commonly, they use it to massage the scalp to promote hair growth. Egyptians love black hair, so they use it to condition the hair, making it grow long, black, and shiny. It also helps in the treatment of lies. Coconut oil also prevents the hair from getting tangled and dirty as well.

Kohl – It is an ancient cosmetic that most Egyptians use as eyeliner. Egyptians believe that it helps make the eyes appear more significant than its actual size and helps in growing longer and thicker eyelashes. It makes the whole facial appearance stand out due to a specific eye outline. Kohl also protects the eyes from several virus infections, and it is also believed to improve eyesight.

Henna – The Egyptians use henna as a nail polish and hair dye. It is said that henna has impressive benefits for hair as it smoothens and strengthens it. It also removes dandruff and promotes healthy hair growth too. Henna also provides a cooling effect on the scalp. Egyptians love to use henna because it contains fewer toxins and chemicals.


Aloe Vera – It is a tropical plant of the desert that most Egyptians love to use as a beauty enhancer. They use the gel from the plant as a treatment for skin burns. It is the Egyptians body moisturizers. Aside from that, Aloe Vera gel also contains natural hair straining agent that allows the hair to look smooth and shiny.


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