The Secrets Of Ancient Egypt

You probably assume you already know a lot about Egypt because you have access to information on the web. Well, the truth is, some of this information might be true. But let us not disregard the fact that some are not. Egypt is one of the mysterious places on Earth that still exists until today. That is why a lot of people are still trying to figure out its ancient ways and all the stuff that revolves around it. We may see progress in determining the whatnots, but the uncertainty is still on a high level. In line with that, let’s unravel those mysteries and look at those ancient Egyptian secrets.


Herodotus, who was known as the father of history, wrote about how the pyramids went up in Egypt. He guessed that the work had gone on in 3 month shifts, with 100,000 men in a shift, over a period of 20 years. — Laura Betzig Ph.D.

Who Built The Pyramids

In some popular myths, it was believed that Israeli slaves built the pyramid. However, Egyptologist determined that instead of slaves, Egyptian laborers are the ones responsible for establishing the known Great Pyramid of Giza. There is evidence that proved that thousands of recruits are from Egyptian laborers with unfortunate families. They received offers of gold in exchange for their physical help in building the enormous pyramid. The construction runs over 20 years, which makes it almost half a lifetime of hard work. Yes, the work is incredibly dangerous, exhausting, and frustrating. However, during those construction times, the laborers received high honors. That is contrary to the beliefs that workers are put to death and gets thrown away whenever they no longer fit to work.


Millions of people escaped death in the Middle Ages because beer fermentation involves boiling water and killing bacteria – as in Egypt, people of all ages consumed beer regularly, reaching 600 liters per person annually. — Stanton Peele Ph.D.

The Era Of Medicine

In line with medical expertise, the Egyptians appear to be one of the best when it comes to that. That is why some rulers of other empires back in the ancient times will ask for Egyptian physicians to help treat their ill loved ones. Because aside from the expertise in using medicinal plants in treating illnesses, Egyptian experts also include magic spells as well. They believe it is essential in protecting the ill-person from demons and other evil spirits. Some say that the rituals and bloodletting procedure accompanied to that is appropriate for long-lasting health treatment. That even if there are some cases of medical brutality that appears to occur in that era, it doesn’t matter as long as the physician is from Egypt.

Strange Ritual

Heb-Sed is a peculiar ritual that took over after the 30 years of Pharaoh ruling. It is a ritual that mainly shows the public that they still have the strength and power necessary to rule the kingdom of Egypt. The initiation of the ceremony takes place every three years right until the pharaoh’s death. In the early practices of the tradition, the ruling candidate gets dressed in a short kilt with bull’s tail on his back. The ruler must run on a race track as fast as possible as he could. If he happens not to finish the race or is unfit to complete the course, he becomes a sacrifice and will be replaced by a more fitted successor. The passing of the position on that era becomes a struggle for some. That is because even if these successors believe they are the right ones who must sit on the thrown when they are not physically fit and capable, they become useless.

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There are a lot of things to know about ancient Egypt. Are you excited to know more? Then let’s continue in the next article.

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