Weird Things Ancient Egyptians Practice



We often wonder how sometimes ancient tradition influences us. Sometimes, even if we do not know and understand the basis of a particular practice, we still follow it anyways. We often feel we have this responsibility to do what our ancestors are doing because that is part of their lives back then. And frequently, we do not question it because we respect it that much. In the same manner, that is how Egyptians value their traditions. Sometimes, even if it does not feel right or does not make any sense at all, the Egyptians practice weird stuff without hesitations. Let’s figure out what are those things, shall we?


In Egypt, there were always two professional women mourners present at a burial who were representatives of the goddesses Isis and Nephtys. To be a mourner, the women could not have born children. Their body hair was shaved and the names of Isis and Nephtys inscribed on their shoulders. — Marilyn A. Mendoza Ph.D.

Extreme Hair Removal

Egyptians care about their tradition that much that is why hair removal goes deeper than anyone can imagine. For kids on either gender, patches of hair get left so that one day it will be removed. The procedure requires taking every visible hair out of the body. That explains why most men are bald. For women, they can keep the hair in their head, but not on their entire body. The purpose of it is to welcome these children into their entry on adulthood. It was nothing unusual for the ancient Egyptians and considered it as a regular practice.

Cleaning Their Bathroom Waste Using Bare Hands

For some sensitive people, they would not like this information. But the Egyptians are different. Since they care about cleanliness that much, they do not mind if using bare hands in cleaning their bathroom waste right after they work on their excretion. Yes, after they try and remove those nasty things in their stomach, their hands suffer a lot. However, for those wealthy Egyptians, they hire someone to do the job for them. So yes, imagine that.

Egyptian business letters of the time sometimes closed with a wish that the recipient would keep their good hearing. — John D Mayer Ph.D.

Having More Than A Thousand Ruler Option

When it comes to rulers or any other technical religious beliefs and following, the Egyptians do not have a shortage of god options. There are over a thousand of known higher power that a lot of these people praise and believe in. These gods are said to have dominion over everything specific life attributes such as healing, serving, and breathing. The most popular of them all is Amun Ra. He is the king god that protects people from inevitable evil and bad spirits.



Makeup For Everyone

For most Egyptians, putting up makeup is not just a necessity. Back in ancient times, those liners represent status and greatness. Thus, men and women get to experience putting stuff in their faces for that particular reason. These people use different brush, flowers, and plants to create a masterpiece that presents themselves in public throughout the day. It is a rational religious belief that makeup is essential in protecting them from evil spirits.

Cross-cultural research has demonstrated worldwide variations in what is physically appealing. Such relativity roots beauty in socialization, not evolution. — Theresa E DiDonato Ph.D.

There are a lot of things that Egyptians consider concerning their tradition, and some of them may be extreme for some reasons. But for these people, following their beliefs is far more than just a simple way of living because they consider it as a respect to their culture and ancient life.

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