2015 San Francisco Cultural Meeting: The Importance Of Learning Cultures

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The planet earth is consist of different geographical locations, making distinct languages and cultures, and since people today are already accustomed to going from one country to another, it is essential that we understand different cultures. The 2015 San Francisco Cultural Meeting emphasizes the importance of learning, understanding, and respecting the different cultures around the world.


The Importance Of Learning Different Cultures:


  • Learning cultures from all across the globe allow us to show respect to their territory. When we go to specific countries, we observe their strict cultural ways. We do things, dress, and speak the way they do out of respect. It means we are honoring and acknowledging their culture and beliefs.


  • Learning different cultures adds to our knowledge and understanding of the people co-inhabiting the planet. We learn ways and behaviors, why people act, speak, and dress the way they do. This information is essential in establishing familiarity and awareness about the world we live in. Imagine how it makes you feel to have been to a place and have witnessed their culture first hand.


  • About developing our knowledge, it makes a great achievement to be able to know a culture at a particular part of the world. It sheds off the ignorance that somewhat divides us from another. When we learn and practice their culture, we allow ourselves to be one with them.
Source: pixabay.com

Learning and understanding different cultures from across the globe are essential to achieving one world. Somehow, more than the geographic location, we are all divided by a barrier called culture. The 2015 San Francisco Cultural Meeting helps in sharing the importance of our role in promoting peace by respecting each other’s’ beliefs and culture. It is, after all, our responsibility to create a better and more peaceful world by understanding and respecting each other.