3 Unique Ways Egyptians Handle Stress 

Egypt is more than just the tombs and mummies. It is a nation located where Africa and Asia meet. Moreover, it is a country surrounded by deserts, pyramids, and rivers. With its rich culture and history masked with mystery, it is a fascinating place to visit.

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People often link Egypt to ancient times. We are all familiar with pharaohs, hieroglyphics, hidden treasures and even their fascination with animals, especially cats. Until today, people flock to Egypt trying to uncover the mysterious artifacts surrounding its deserts.

Preservation of their heritage is of importance to most Egyptians. Tourism is a significant aspect of their everyday lives. Even today, pyramids and treasures are still being unearthed. This constant exploration proves how the history of Ancient Egypt remains a mystery.


Ancient Egypt Vs. Modern Day Egypt

Ancient Egypt gave us a glimpse into the interesting lives of Egyptians back then. However, many of what we heard about ancient Egypt are not true. The famous Great Pyramid was not built by slaves but was constructed by salaried workers. Not everyone had to be mummified – only the elites had the time and money. These are just some examples of true Ancient Egypt history.

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While some traditions of Egyptians remained, how the country evolved with modernity is evident. Its capital city, Cairo, is booming with modern structures. In the field of media, Egypt is considered to be the most progressive in the Middle East. However, the government still controls the television. Women are conservative, but they almost have the same rights as men.

However, just like other countries, Egypt is encountering economic difficulties. In a 2016 study by Bloomberg, Egypt is known to be one of the most stressful countries to live in. The factors considered are GDP, corruption, unemployment, income inequality, urban air pollution, life expectancy, and homicide rates.
How Egyptians Cope With Stress

With all the stress Egyptians have to go through each day, they have to come up with creative ways on how to deal with it. Read below to find out three unique ways Egyptians handle stress.

  • Anti-Stress Coloring Books

Coloring books for stress relief are not only for kids but adults as well. Egyptian bookstores are selling anti-stress coloring books in an attempt to pursue art therapy. There are two popular types of anti-stress coloring books – one with detailed patterns and another one with geometric shapes with a color-coded guide.

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These anti-stress coloring books can be developed into a hobby. People may use it even at least 10-20 minutes a day. It is a productive outlet to let go of stress even for a little while.

  • Scream Rooms

Egyptians of all ages flock to a small bookstore in Cairo to yell away their stress. It is a small room with a soundproof wall and small drum kit in the corner which the customers can also bang their frustrations on. People can stay in the scream rooms for up to ten minutes. It is good for a quick release of everyday stress.

Screaming is said to have a positive effect on stressed people, and yelling can also be used as a form of therapy. After screaming, people had found that they were in better moods. Due to the positive response of customers, there might be more scream rooms in Cairo soon.

  • Sound Therapy

Sound therapy can be traced back to Ancient Egypt. It is entirely different from music therapy. Sound therapy uses crystal-like large bowls to create powerful yet calming vibrations. The sound usually produced is similar to the sound of ocean waves. Its primary aim is to soothe and calm down the emotions of people.

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Stress is part of our everyday lives. It is difficult to ignore it, and it is essential that we find ways to handle it. We all have our own technique in dealing with stress. However, trying out different ways to deal with it won’t hurt. It might even help us handle stress better.